About Us

Prognosis is a Consulting, Asset Management and Advisory Services firm focused on the Hospitality and Food Services Industry in South Asia.

What we do

We provide comprehensive services to hotel developers, investors, brands and other travel & tourism industry stakeholders. Our services cover a wide spectrum of hospitality asset classes ranging from full service luxury to mid scale hotels, resorts & spas, serviced apartments & branded residences, sale & lease back & timeshare projects, conference & convention centers and integrated mixed-use developments.

Our mission is to promote informed decision making by providing research based, unbiased and expert strategic assessment of the long-term business environment in which the hotel, travel and tourism industry is likely to operate.

We strive to deliver measurable results, focusing on strategic market opportunities and practical work delivery models tailored to our Clients' unique requirements. We ensure principal level engagement is provided to all our Clients from day one, building momentum and capabilities to deliver world class businesses.

The Origin

Prognosis means "knowledge beforehand" of how a situation is likely to turn out. The word Prognosis was originally a strictly medical term, but it soon broadened to include definitions, forecasts and predictions made by experts in their respective fields of operations.

As a complex, capital-intensive business, hospitality asset classes have always required thorough domain expertise of industry professionals and specialists. India and South Asia has been an incredibly exciting and immensely attractive market but it was also a challenging environment in which to do business.

In 2011, when the global markets were still reeling under the after effects of the global financial meltdown, we, a team of experienced, passionate hotel operations, strategy and finance professionals, with decades of hands-on understanding of complex hotel dimensions, and an ambition to make a mark came together to form Prognosis Global Consulting.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide customized service offerings, commit top-level principal involvement, bring attention to detail and always operate with highest level of ethical integrity to make Prognosis Global Consulting as a preferred and a valued service provider in the Hospitality Industry.

Our Work Philosophy

Our work philosophy is founded on four fundamental values;

Our Passion for the industry, striving for Excellence, constantly Innovating and hunger for Knowledge, which together blends in the formula to success for both our Customers and Us.

Passion – Going the extra mile at every step

Our Passion for the industry is evident as we undertake feasibility studies to developing brand experiences, from managing acquisitions and development opportunities, to implementing key business processes and systems in place; we offer solutions with an applied understanding of complex business situations and passion to make a difference.

Excellence – Doing Ordinary Things, Extraordinarily Well

We strive for Excellence; whatever we do, we do best. Prognosis has the expertise to focus on key issues, evaluate complex problems and assist our Clients in achieving sustained excellence in a highly competitive market place through specially designed solutions for their individual needs.

Innovation – If there is a Way to do it Better, We will do it

In a dynamic market, Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. At Prognosis we embrace new ideas and diverse perspectives and adopt international best practices to evaluate markets trends and opportunities forming the basis for our organizational priorities and how we create solutions.

Knowledge – Proficiency in the Industry, to Provide the Best Solutions

Our hunger for Knowledge i.e. to continuously stay informed and transform our intellectual capital, makes us a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Knowledge not merely in a degree or a skill but a broader vision, capabilities in critical thinking and logical deduction without which we cannot have constructive progress.